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A welcome to any visitor to Lagrasse incorporates the invitation to travel back in time from the current affairs and attractions of this plus beaux village de france, to the cradle of European civilization in which it nestles; the oldest discovered skull in Europe sits in the museum of Tautavel barely 20 miles south and has been dated to 450,000 years old. Truly our ancestors walked here before us, and settled in the area.

More recently, in 783, the ruling King of the Francs, King Charles 1st decreed the construction of the Abbey which still dominates the skyline of Lagrasse today, and indeed marks the period of construction of the current village around its vital communication link, the bridge!

A devoted christian, King Charles 1st is often referred to as The First European, for his unifying principles and has come to be known to us through history as Charlemagne.

1209 saw the beginning of the Albigensian Crusade with the sacking of Beziers, north east of Lagrasse. The subject of the Cathars is a vast study in itself to be recommended and Lagrasse is surrounded by the Chateaux and historical events that tell the story, most notably the unesco world heritage site of Carcassonne, which lies 30 miles to the north west.

Today Lagrasse offers all the amenities expected by a modern visitor and is a marvelous hub from which to explore the treasures of the area; treasures to be shared and discussed over a glass or two of wine maybe, you are after all visiting the largest wine producing region of France! Welcome to Lagrasse.

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